Finding old photos

My family and I spent this Christmas at my parents’ house in Cornwall, which is something we’ve never done before, and it went really well despite being a bit of a hassle getting everything and everyone down there. I was hoping that with the unseasonably warm weather I’d be able to get some fantastic sunrise and sunset photos from the cliffs around the village, however the weather didn’t really cooperate and we only managed to get out of the house once in the 4 days we were down there.

The sunset on that day wasn’t spectacular either, but I did get a few nice shots down on Talland Bay.


The problem was I thought I’d picked up an empty memory card, but when I got down there I realised that it was actually mostly full. However, I didn’t want to just delete them all, and it’s a good thing I didn’t. It was full of the photos I’d taken in Barcelona earlier in the year that I thought I’d lost when I got a new PC. I normally have a reasonably good system for making sure that I get all the photos off my camera, but these ones had slipped through somehow and I’d never had the chance to go through them properly.

The indoor markets there were amazing and full of colours, but that was nothing compared to the inside of La Sagrada Familia, which we made the effort to get to just after sunrise to get the full experience of the morning light through the stained glass.