New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a huge fan of the ‘New Year, New Me’ stuff, but I do like to use the New Year as a time to set myself goals for the year and plan out how I’m going to achieve them. In my opinion, a lot of people try to do too much with their resolutions at the start of the year, or set long term goals without a plan or way to measure progress towards them, which leads to a lot of ‘failed’ resolutions.

I’m writing my goals out so that I can hold myself more accountable to them, and to make myself thing about things a little more. I know that I can be very self-motivated, but only for short periods of time, so that’s how I’m writing these goals. I also tend to lose focus on things that are too far away, so these are all fairly short term things which I’ll achieve and update quickly.

1 – Move house.

First on the list is to move out of my parent’s house and get closer into work. I’ve got two friends who are also looking for a place, and we’re going to have a place sorted by the end of January.

2 – Learn Web Development

This is a very vague statement, but I’m going to work towards this overall goal by doing several small things. First on the list is to finish the Web Development course by The Odin Project that I started over the holidays. I don’t know exactly what the next step after that will be just yet, but it will likely involve either making a custom theme for this site from scratch or redoing the site in Ruby on Rails.

3 – Get Fit & Healthy

Ah yes, the one that’s on everyone’s list. Moving out will be a big part of this, there’s so much food in my parent’s house and the commute eats up so much time in the evening. Cooking my own meals (and being on a lower budget) will be a big help, but I’ll also have time to exercise after work as well, especially once the evenings get a bit lighter.

4 – Get better at guitar

Another common way to set myself up for failure in the form of ‘learn an instrument’. This is the one I have the least concrete plans for, but I know that it’s going to start with making a proper practice schedule for at least 3 nights a week. I want to work on my lead playing specifically, so my practice is going to have to include some theory work and getting all the common scales and modes down, and I’ll pick a solo from a song that I can’t play yet and use that as something to work towards.

These are all long term goals that have some short term actions that I achieve in the next couple of months. I’m hoping that this way of tackling things will help keep my short attention span focused for long enough for  me to make significant progress towards a goal, which is what I’ve struggled with in the past.